Pure Nut Paste / Nut Butters

Our speciality is pure roasted Brazil nut paste. 100% Brazils.

This delicious, creamy ingredient has great versatility.

It can be mixed in with a huge number of products to create many unique flavours and products.

It is used as a bakery ingredient for cakes and desserts.

The combinations are as limitless as your imagination, Healthy serving suggestions may include spread on toast, crackers or rice cakes with goji berries or other fruits. Cacao nibs are a very popular, combination.

Silky, indulgent Roast Brazil Paste can be used in the paleo, Coeliac, diabetic, lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Other uses include cosmetics, hair and body products.

Health benefits

- Selenium: Brazils contain 2,500 times more than any other nut, assisting thyroid function, boosting the immune system and it is a powerful anti-oxidant.

- Omega 6 and other unsaturated fats, along with fibre, Improve heart function, lower HDL cholesterol , reduce blood pressure and arterial plaques and helps muscle and tissue to repair.

- Ellagic acid is anti cancer and an anti-mutagen.

- Copper, magnesium, calcium zinc, phosphorous, iron and manganese. These elements improve the immune system, nervous system, skin, heart and mental health. Sleep, stress and blood flow also benefit.

With the popularity of veganism and healthy life styles, these products are becoming ever more popular.

Ingredients: 100 percent nut of your choice.

Packing: 10 kilo plastic tubs or 1 kilo plastic tubs.

Shelf life: 6 months, minimum 5 months on delivery.

Certificates of conformity and analysis available

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