Paragon Commodities Ltd - Wholesale Nut Importer

We are a multi-generational family run business with many decades of experience in the procurement, importation, quality assurance and sale of Brazil nuts.

We supply every grade of whole nut, broken brazils, chipped, sliced, slivered, diced, meal.

Our long term customers include retailers, cereal manufacturers, confectioners ,nut packers and roasting companies.

We enjoy excellent first hand relationships with only the best quality producers and shippers in South America.

This market is notoriously tricky to read and volatile due to the many changing factors which affect price and availability. We will ensure that you get your deliveries on time, every time.

Our dedicated team, who are experienced in all aspects of the business are nimble, flexible and efficient, enabling us to bring you an exceptional service, every step of the way at the most competitive price. We are able to change plans or strategy much faster than our larger competitors and help our customers to develop forward purchasing strategy by forecasting price action.

We are passionate about our ever evolving and innovative business in a rapidly changing world and are proud to have been one of the first in our industry to achieve BRC status.

Our membership of The Nut Association gives us a voice to represent us at International government level and trade protection in the event of a default by suppliers.

Our goal is to develop rapport through our bespoke service and to pursue opportunities to encourage continued mutual success and repeat business with our clients.

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Paragon Commodities Ltd - BRC Member