We believe that for a lasting mutually advantageous business relationship buyers and sellers should both be able to profit.

Our overarching principle is that we are here for the long term and realise that our business lives and dies on mutual trust.

We are more than happy to provide references to serious potential business contacts.

Very difficult times are with us with shortages in some places and over-stocks apparent elsewhere. We are committed to finding and utilizing innovative ways of transacting business in order to keep the flow of foodstuffs from tree to mouth.

We have many decades experience in trading nuts and dried fruit yet our most challenging times are with us right now...

Our worldwide contacts include many of the largest and best quality shippers.

We are interested in new good quality sources of all types of nuts and dried fruit and would welcome your contribution whether you are a producer, speculator or user of the above mentioned items.

For more details and a bespoke service please contact us.

Paragon Commodities Ltd - BRC Member

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Paragon Commodities Ltd - BRC Member